The Beginning of Our Annual Scholarship Program

Over the years, we’ve seen countless students attend school, and even university, because of the generosity and support of individuals they’ve never met. This alone is inspirational, but paired with the individual stories of each student, the opportunity to provide a scholarship for a student to attend school becomes astronomically more meaningful. And if we consider the long term impact of education on each individual student, the benefits of supporting education become infinite.

James Ronald Castil, Volunteer for the Visayans College Scholar

Our First Annual Scholarship Award

Thanks to generous donations from the international education community contributed during Athena Study Abroad’s Global Give Fundraiser at the NAFSA 2016 conference as well as GoAbroad’s annual Innovation Awards ceremony, combined with donations throughout the year from Athena Study Abroad’s S.O.S. program (a program that allows students to give back upon their return from international programs), we are happy to announce that we have been able to provide a full scholarship to a student in the Philippines. With this combined support of the international education community, we have secured university studies for the 2016-2017 school year for James C., a student that is part of our partner, Volunteer for the Visayans’, college scholar program.

Our First Awardee

James submitted a touching application letter, expressing his desire to not only complete his studies but open his mind to the world and give him the chance to also broaden the minds of others. Now in his second year of university studies, James is pursuing a degree in secondary education and was honored and proud to be named on the Dean’s List at his university this year.

After graduation, I will impart my knowledge to those who are less fortunate…I want to share what I have learned because I know what it feels like to beg for knowledge.

Driven by his desire to help his family, James also has a clear curiosity with the world, a passion for learning, and understands that education is the key to progress and development in the world. He doesn’t see education as a means to an end, but an opportunity for personal growth and access to a brighter future.

Education is really a treasure. It has a real impact on my life.

We are elated to support James in his studies and look forward to seeing him graduate. Please join us in congratulating James in the comments below, and send your well wishes for his success this year, and beyond!

If you are part of the international education community and would like to get involved in our annual scholarship program, please contact Elsa Thomasma, the Director of the GoAbroad Foundation.