Announcing: Our Give Together Partnership Program

A New Way to Inspire Global Giving

In line with our 15-year mission of supporting meaningful projects around the world, we’re officially launching the Give Together Partnership Program! The program was conceptualized by our desire to help more for-profit businesses give back to the world. The main goal of the Give Together Program is to connect for-profit businesses with reputable non-profit organizations so they can create their very own Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, while simultaneously offering essential financial support to impactful global projects that align with the mission of their business.

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The Give Together Program is comprised of two distinct partners:

  • Sponsoring Partners. For-profit companies who believe building a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy or giving program will help them to impact the world in a meaningful way.
  • Beneficiary Organizations. Small nonprofit organizations with limited financial means, but viable programs and impactful projects just waiting to be implemented in communities around the world.

By “matching” these two types of partners, our Give Together Program aims to make giving a natural part of every business and provide grassroots organizations with the power to multiply their impact. But the Give Together Program goes beyond matching partners; the GoAbroad Foundation also takes stake in the success of each partnership by thoroughly vetting each partner, screening potential projects and fundraisers, cross-promoting each partner and the work they’re doing, and constantly seeking out ways to maximize each Give Together Partnership.


How Giving Together Will Multiply Our Impact

Our Give Together Program has the power to bring for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations together, so we can change the world in small ways every day. And by combining forces, we can Give Together and multiply our global impact.

We’re eager to welcome new Beneficiary Organizations and Sponsoring Partners to join the Give Together Program, so find out more about our Give Together Program below and see how you can get involved now!

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