Take the Pledge Against Malnutrition

Association des Femmes Pour la Promotion et le Developpement Endogene (AFDPE) is an organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) aiming to empower women, end sexual violence, raise awareness of gender inequality and promote leadership for women, alleviate cultural based suffering for women, promote maternal health, and ensure health and opportunity for children.

To support their efforts to support and empower women and children, we will be posting a four part series on current issues that are ongoing in the DRC and what you can do to help. All Take the Pledge donations made during the month of August will go directly to AFDPE , our nonprofit of the month.

The Reality of Malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Many issues that are prevalent in the DRC are heavily intensified because of displacement due to internal conflict—more than 1.7 million people have had to flee their homes over the years since the conflict began. Because of this displacement, many people do not have access to nutritional foods and are therefore facing malnutrition and hunger. Due to illness, death of family members, and other unfortunate factors, many children are forced to beg in the streets for money just to be able to eat and survive daily.

According to the World Food Programme, food insecurity is severely impacting 7.7 million Congolese people with more than 4.6 million children who are acutely malnourished, including 2.2 million that are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Not only are they suffering, but they are dying. Children are dying because they cannot secure food sustain themselves each day.

Who are the Children Affected by Malnutrition in the DRC?

Child in need from Congo
Note: Photo changed to protect the identity of D

D is six years old. She lives with with her mother and her sibling. They were all forced to leave their village of Katango in search of safety after D’s father was killed by army militia men who were part of the Mai Mai. The loss of her father has been very hard and has put a lot of stress on her mother.

D and her family suffer from malnutrition. They do not have easy access to food or medical care, and because of this, they suffer daily. D should have been starting school this year, but with an immense lack of financial means, she has been stripped of her educational opportunities. At such a young age, she has already lived such a hard life and is in need of assistance to not only survive, but thrive.

How can you Help Combat Malnutrition in the DRC?

By Taking the GoAbroad Foundation Pledge this month, you can directly assist D and her family. For just $168, we can help ensure D has all the nutritional and educational support she needs to survive and thrive for one full year. That’s $14 a month to help D overcome the battle with malnutrition.

If you are interested in sponsoring D long-term, email Elsa.Alingasa@GoAbroad.com and mention D for more information.

You can also support D by Taking the Pledge today!