Take the Pledge for Education

As August comes to a close, there are still more important topics to discuss in order to raise awareness about the work of Association des Femmes Pour la Promotion et le Developpement Endogene (AFDPE) and inspire even more people to Take the Pledge. This week it’s time to focus on access to education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (If you missed the first few posts of our series, check them out here and here!).

The Reality of Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the DRC, families are required to cover the bonus payments to augment teachers’ pay. And what about those who cannot face the rising prices? They are being turned away from accessing education. As of 2017, there were an estimated 3.5 million primary age children not in school, many due to the rising costs of education. Beyond primary school, 7.4 million children are without education because they cannot afford it or do not have access to it.

7.4 million children—that’s 7.4 million children too many.

Education serves as a catalyst for students’ futures. Without education, their hopes and dreams become incredibly limited. In rural areas of the DRC, families are faced with incredible disadvantage compared to families in bigger cities, where many more educational opportunities are offered. These are the people most affected by the lack of access to education in the DRC. And this is no minor issue is the lives of thousands of children.

Children should not be limited in their knowledge and their future based on where they live and/or their lack of access to the financial means to augment their teachers’ pay, right?

Who are the Children Affected by lack of access to education in the DRC?

Note: Photo changed to protect the identity of R

R is ten years old and lives in a single-parent household with his mother and five siblings. R’s mother is responsible for the well-being of all six children. This is very hard for her physically and emotionally. When she is able to work, it is hard, physical labor that takes a toll on her body, which is already in pain due to health issues.

R is able to attend school when his mom is making money. But when his mother is out of work, he is no longer allowed to go to school. This inconsistency heavily impacts his education as he is often not able to continue his studies consecutively.

How can you Help Address Access to Education in the DRC?

By Taking the GoAbroad Foundation Pledge this month, you can directly help R and his family. For just $168, we can help ensure R has access to education, medical care, and food for one full year. That’s $14 a month to help R access education in the DRC.

If you are interested in sponsoring R directly, email Elsa.Alingasa@GoAbroad.com and mention R for more information.

You can also support R by Taking the Pledge today!