About Us

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Our Purpose

The GoAbroad Foundation was created to support grassroots organizations around the world by generating financial support for community-based projects. Along with contributing to the development of numerous nonprofit organizations around the world and a variety of meaningful projects, the GoAbroad Foundation is dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding, raising awareness about important global causes, and building bridges between global communities.

Our Mission

The GoAbroad Foundation identifies and supports grassroots, local non-profit organizations doing meaningful work within their communities and assists them in establishing financial sustainability. The Foundation further connects the community of meaningful travel and international education with this network of organizations, establishing partnerships and guaranteeing their worthy work continues.

The GoAbroad Foundation aims to support organizations that help improve communities, educate those without access to education, spread social justice, and promote equality. Our goal is to help local organizations that are doing inspiring work by making sure they can continue to do their work well into the future, changing the world in the meaningful ways and making it a better place for future generations.

Our Accomplishments

Over the years, the GoAbroad Foundation has worked alongside several esteemed international non-profit organizations to raise awareness of needs around the globe, provided logistical services to a wide-range of development projects, and contributed to the sustainability of multiple grassroots organizations.Some of the GoAbroad Foundation’s most significant accomplishments include, providing hundreds of clean burning stoves in Peru, enabling the construction of five schools and two community centers in the Philippines, becoming one of the first responders and relief organizers after Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines, and helping to render hundreds of child welfare services around the globe, among other accomplishments.

The GoAbroad Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation based in Fort Collins, Colorado and is the charitable wing of GoAbroad.com.

If you have questions about the GoAbroad Foundation, please feel free to contact us.