4 Ways to Ethically Make an Impact Abroad

For those that want to get involved with a nonprofit organization abroad, there are seemingly endless possibilities. Googling options can be completely overwhelming, to say the least. It starts to feel like “just pick one” is the best way to go about it. Any bit of help is good, right? Not really. While there are great organizations worldwide that need financial help and volunteers, it’s not always easy to spot the nonprofits that are truly committed to sustainably supporting communities through development programs.

The good news?  There are plenty of ways you can make your time and efforts count through the GoAbroad Foundation’s partner organizations all around the world.

Here’s How to Make an Impact Abroad with us:

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1. Volunteer with a Sustainable Nonprofit Abroad

Volunteering abroad is often described as one of the most meaningful and life-changing experiences of volunteers’ lives. With the opportunity to truly get to know another culture in this unique way, how could it not be? However, if you want to ensure that the time abroad is well spent and just as meaningful for the local community, it is crucial that you do your research first. Be prepared to ask the hard questions and find out how the organization is helping to develop a community for the long term. Spending time searching for an organization that supports sustainable development is just as important as the work you do while you are abroad.

For inspiration, take a look at partners that are near and dear to the GoAbroad Foundation’s heart.

2. Pledge Your Support Monthly

Sometimes people feel like the most significant way to help is through volunteer work, however financially supporting the right organization can be just as meaningful to the cause. Research is equally important with this form of involvement, but thankfully the GoAbroad Foundation will do all the work for you.

We’ve worked hard to partner with nonprofits that focus on benefiting local communities in the ways they need it most. By Taking the GoAbroad Foundation Pledge, each month your contributions will help with initiatives like clean water, scholarship funds, and sustainable food programs. With a few clicks, your monthly pledge of $1-$50 will directly support communities around the world.

Find out what we did with pledges in 2016 – prepare to be amazed!

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3. Start a Fundraiser for a Charitable Organization

The power of numbers and creative minds can make a huge difference for a nonprofit abroad. By teaming up with your local club or organization, you can plan an exciting fundraiser that will get everyone involved. The GoAbroad Foundation will help you choose a meaningful cause that will engage your community or network. From there, you’ll have the creative freedom to plan the perfect event and make fundraising happen!

A classic car wash or bake sale might be enough to motivate the people you know to get involved. But other fundraisers opt for a little more friendly competition with contests or trivia games to get their network excited. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the funds you raise will be contributed to a good cause with the GoAbroad Foundation involved.

4. Share an Inspirational Story with the World!

No matter how you choose to help, sharing your story is the best way to go the extra mile. Every time you tell others how you got involved and what it meant for you, it will help to educate and encourage them to do their part as well. If you are fired up about the organization you have aided, tell your friends and your family or share it on social media.

Share your story with us and you might be featured on the GoAbroad Foundation Blog, alongside other stories of fundraising successes and volunteer adventures.

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More Good News? There are countless ways to make an impact.

Regardless of how you choose to get involved, the experience will connect you to another community and culture on the other side of the world. With research and partnering with a sustainable nonprofit program, the benefits of your time will be equally meaningful for you and the cause.

Contact us to find the best way for you to make an impact abroad this year!

This blog post was contributed by Anna Chalfin: After graduating from university, Anna worked in the corporate world for two years before she decided teaching English abroad was calling her name. She said goodbye to her stable job and hello to Prague, Czech Republic, and never regretted her decision for a second.