Our Annual Plea for Educational Support

As the month of March begins, students all over the Philippines are preparing for the close of the school year. For some that means a much awaited break from coursework and endless days of carefree playing with their friends and classmates, for others it means helping with the rice harvest or completing madatory on the job training. No matter what the summer break has in store for students throughout the Philippines, there is no doubt that many of them end this school year with reservations about what the next year will hold for them.

Tacloban w VFV Day 2-114

Unfortunately, not every child in the Philippines has the opportunity to be provided with the resources and financial support required to complete their education. Not every child can attain their academic goals, because they simply can’t afford to purchase a school uniform, or don’t have enough money to pay for transportation to school, or they don’t have enough food daily to nourish their eager minds and allow them to be successful in their classes.

This reality is true for so many children, and the GoAbroad Foundation is committed to do everything we can to change this reality for as many children as we can. We support a better future for the Philippines, by supporting the development and education of the nation’s youth.


What are we doing to help?

Our Scholarship Support program provides necessary financial support to college scholars who would otherwise have no means to pursue higher education. Many of these scholars are the first in their family to attend university, and with the proper support, they will be the future breadwinners and supporters of their families.

Additionally, our Sponsor A Child program supports children in their elementary and high school years, supplying numerous students with uniforms, daily feedings, and school supplies to help them succeed in school.

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