The Clean Water Project Update #4

The Clean Water Project was completed over a month ago, and we are ecstatic to see the community enjoying easy access to clean water and St. James School continue to prosper.

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Statistics About the Clean Water Project:

Around 3,000-4,000 people now have access to stable, clean water

About 67 percent of the school’s operating budget will come from the water project – which will assist with tuition costs, classroom construction, and fabrication of additional desks.

Increased community involvement, according to Pangea’s co-founder Drew:

We had a great turnout to launch the project and it really looks like the community is taking ownership of the whole deal. Parents are helping run the points and advertising it. Annette has been a rockstar in heading the project and utilizing water for the school, not only for drinking, but also for sanitation (kids coming from the restrooms) and washing the classrooms each day.

There is no doubt that the Clean Water Project will continue to impact the lives of those it serves for many months and years to come. Thanks again to all our donors who contributed!

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