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Individuals who choose to take the pledge commit to consistently supporting the GoAbroad Foundation throughout the year, to help us fund a variety of projects.

Each month the GoAbroad Foundation selects one of our Current Projects or a new NGO partner to contribute all pledges too, from Educational Scholarships to Clean Water Initiatives to Relief Operations to Home Construction Projects and Supplemental Nutrition Programs.

By taking the pledge, individuals commit to making a reoccurring monthly donation to the GoAbroad Foundation, and we commit to providing each pledger with an update about what project their pledge has helped fund.

Pledgers can select the amount they’d like to pledge each month, from $1 dollar to $50 dollars, every single dollar helps us fund our projects and support communities around the world.

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Pledge Level

If you prefer to make a one time donation, feel free! Click here.

Here are the Projects we plan to support with this year’s Pledges:


Find out what we did with our 2016 Pledges

Contact our Director, Elsa Thomasma (elsa.thomasma@goabroad.com), to learn more about the GoAbroad Foundation Pledge.

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