How to Make 2018 Your Most Service-Oriented Year Ever

3 Tips for Getting Active & Engaged in Your Community Through Service This Year   Over the past year, we have seen a global swell of inspiring young people activating and gravitating toward a variety of issues—politics, environment, human rights— which is an amazing phenomenon that is creating meaningful, real change around the world. We’re excited to see even more…

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Announcing Our Capture Kindness Photo Contest Winner

Volunteer with a local woman in Burkina Faso

Capturing Kindness Among Us Taking a specific moment and being able to freeze frame it on camera can tell a story long after the precious snippet of time has dissipated. La’Nita Johnson, winner of our Capture Kindness Photo Contest, has not only shared with us beauty through pictures, but has also blessed us with sharing the beauty of her experiences…

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How to Help Peru

Destroyed road in peru

Insight from a Dedicated Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Aker recently returned home, unfortunately early, from her Peace Corps volunteering in Peru. Though her and her fellow Peace Corps volunteers were attending a training outside of their remote communities when the flooding began, when the training concluded they were informed that they would no longer be able to return. Due to the…

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Fundraising for the People of Syria

Samantha is not your average relief worker. She is not part of some major relief organization like the United Nations or someone with a masters degree in international development. She is a 20-something year old Canadian with a heart for helping others and the spontaneity that has allowed her to travel across the world to places in the deepest need…

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A Reflection on Volunteering in Uganda with PED

Volunteering is an activity that many people participate in at some point in their lives. However, for those that choose to take volunteer work outside their comfort zone, volunteering becomes more than just an activity. It is an incredibly, life-altering, eye-opening, humbling, (insert any adjective here) experience. It is an event that forever changes the course of their life and the…

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Nepal Earthquake Aftermath: Updates from our Partners

Children in Jharlang Village

After reaching out to our numerous partners in Nepal, we now have a more clear picture of the mass devastation, extreme destruction, and the long road to recovery that lies ahead. Today we would like to share the experiences of our partners, in order to help express the true need in Nepal, as well as illustrate why we are dedicated…

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Our Hidden Volunteer – April’s GoAbroad Foundation Philanthropist of the Month

There are some people who expect to receive attention and glory for their volunteer work, and are unhappy if they don’t get it. Then there are other people who believe strongly in a cause and want to do anything they can to support it, and don’t care a bit about acknowledgment or praise. Our Philanthropist of the Month for April…

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Architecture for Humanity: Reconizing Architects Dedicated to Philanthropy

After Typhoon Haiyan ravaged through the Philippines, the GoAbroad Foundation was faced with a partner in desperate need of international aid. The tasks laid out in front of us seemed insurmountable, with multiple community centers, hundreds of homes, and thousands of lives to rebuild. Then came Architecture for Humanity (AFH). Connected to us through an old student of our Founder, Elisa…

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