Announcing Our 3rd Annual Global Give Scholarship Winner

We understand the power education has in a person’s life, which is why we are proud to support organizations that make this a more accessible possibility for children and young adults around the world. Our partners believe in children, and we stand with them in their efforts towards building a better and brighter future. Our partnership with Athena Study Abroad…

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The Next Chapter of Our Annual Scholarship Program

Education has the power to change the course of history for individuals, families, and communities. With education comes learning, growth, and the opportunity to have a more bright and prosperous future. This is why we are dedicated to supporting global education initiatives, because we believe a more educated generation of children has the power to change our world. Through our…

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The 2nd Annual Global Give Fundraiser

Global Give Fundraiser promo image 2017

Last year we launched our Annual Scholarship Program, thanks to the generous fundraising efforts of Athena Study Abroad. Back at it again this year at NAFSA, here’s a little more about Athena Study Abroad, their fundraising efforts, and the energetic woman that makes everything they do possible — Stacy McKay Benander. You and your husband co-founded Athena Study Abroad to provide…

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