Sponsoring Partners

Why should I partner with the GoAbroad Foundation over other charitable organizations?

  • We hand select and vet each beneficiary organization for you, taking the logistical work off your shoulders!
  • We can customize the partnership to fit your needs and make sure you are matched with a beneficiary organization and project that aligns with your overall mission and goals.
  • We offer all U.S. donors tax deductible donations, thanks to our 501(c)3 status.
  • We’ll cross-promote your brand and fundraising efforts to our network at no cost to you!

I want to become a Sponsoring Partner. How do I get started?

Fill out our Sponsoring Partner inquiry form or set up a call with us to discuss the Give Together Program now!

Review Our Sponsoring Partner On-boarding Process

How will a Sponsoring Partnership benefit my business?

We believe the Give Together Program can provide each Sponsoring Partner with an incomparable opportunity to build a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative or Annual Giving Program that can take their business to the next level, in terms of philanthropy and making an impact on the world.

Here are just a few of the ways a Sponsoring Partnership with the GoAbroad Foundation can benefit your business:

  • Demonstrated concern for the world. By showing your customers you care about more than selling products and making money, you’ll help them feel more connected with your mission and attract them to your products by illustrating that you are “doing good” in the world.
  • Engaging customers. By marketing your philanthropic efforts, you’ll build your public image, develop new relationships with customers, and help customers understand why purchasing your product will do more than just fulfill their need. Your CSR will show customers their purchase can help you to support a worthy cause too.
  • More benefits for employees. Developing a CSR program can help encourage your employees’ personal and professional development, making them feel more positive about their work and employment at a company that cares about the world.
  • Retaining employees. CSR programs can help empower your employees and make them feel like they are part of something helping the greater good. This in turn with make them feel more proud of and loyal to the company.

What percent of the money we raise does GAF keep and for what purpose?

90% of financial contributions from Sponsoring Partners and all their fundraising efforts/donors are contributed directly to the selected Beneficiary Organization’s project. The remaining 10% is used for the foundation’s operational expenses.

What criteria does GAF use when selecting a beneficiary organization?

The GoAbroad Foundation requires all Beneficiary Organization to complete a vetting process before being approved as a partner of the Give Together Program. The full list of requirements to become a Beneficiary Organization can be reviewed by downloading this PDF.

Why does GAF only partner with organizations in developing countries and not in the U.S.?

Mirroring our mission of inspiring meaningful travel abroad through, the GoAbroad Foundation’s mission is to inspire giving to meaningful projects abroad. We know there are equally worthy organizations to support in the U.S., but we’ve made it our mission to build connections between individuals with the financial means and grassroots organizations in the developing world. We also believe that we can make your donations go even further by sharing it with our Beneficiary Organizations.

Would GAF partner with a U.S. (or other developed country) organization if partner requested it?

Our Beneficiary Organization partnerships are limited to nonprofits located outside of the United States or 501(c)3 nonprofits based in the United States that are solely completing projects and organizing programs outside of the United States.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsoring Partner?

If you think your company is a great fit for the Give Together Program, then it’s time to take the next step. Just click on the button below to inquire about partnership. We can’t wait to Give Together!