Beneficiary Organizations

What are the requirements to become a beneficiary organization?

Beneficiary Organizations must be grassroots nonprofit organizations based in developing countries who have a proven financial need and dedication to implementing sustainable, impactful projects in local communities. The GoAbroad Foundation requires all Beneficiary Organization to complete a vetting process before being approved as a partner of the Give Together Program. Interested Beneficiary Organizations can review the full list of requirements by downloading this PDF. To apply to become a Beneficiary Organization partner, visit our Beneficiary Application page.

Can we list all our projects on the GoAbroad Foundation website?

All projects approved by the GoAbroad Foundation for the Give Together Program can be posted on our website under your Beneficiary Organization profile. To submit a project for posting, you must be an approved Beneficiary Organization.

How much funding will my organization receive for our projects?

All Beneficiary Organizations have the opportunity to be selected by the GoAbroad Foundation or any of our Sponsoring Partners to receive funding for their approved projects. Approved projects can range from $100 to $10,000, depending on the need of the organization. However, the GoAbroad Foundation does not guarantee any amount of funding to Beneficiary Organizations upon partnership.

What percent of funds raised does the GoAbroad Foundation keep and for what purpose?

We ensure that 90% of financial contributions from Sponsoring Partners and all other fundraising efforts or donors are contributed directly to the selected Beneficiary Organization’s project. The remaining 10% is used for the GoAbroad Foundation’s operational expenses.

Why does the GoAbroad Foundation only partner with Beneficiary Organizations in developing countries, and not in the U.S.?

Mirroring our mission of inspiring meaningful travel abroad through, the GoAbroad Foundation’s mission is to inspire giving to meaningful projects abroad. We know there are equally worthy organizations to support in the U.S., but we’ve made it our mission to build connections between individuals with the financial means and grassroots organizations in the developing world.

Interested in Becoming a Beneficiary Organization?

If you believe your organization is the perfect fit to partner with the GoAbroad Foundation, click on the button below to review our requirements and apply to become a Beneficiary Organization.