Who are our Beneficiary Organizations?

The GoAbroad Foundation partners with grassroots, locally-led nonprofit organizations around the world to provide the necessary funding to carry out meaningful projects. From livelihood programs to child sponsorship to clean water projects, we strategically partner with a range of Beneficiary Organizations to diversify our reach and impact. Our Beneficiary Organizations are located all over the world, from Uganda to the Philippines.

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Current Partners

Our partner list is growing all the time! To take a look at some of our current Beneficiary Partners, click below.

Benefits of Partnership

Profile Page

Once approved as a Beneficiary Organization, each partner will be given their own Beneficiary Organization Profile Page, which will share details about their history and mission, and link to their website. Each Profile Page will also have a donate button, allowing Beneficiary Organization’s to receive general donations through the GoAbroad Foundation.


The GoAbroad Foundation periodically features our Beneficiary Organization partners and Projects in Need on our social media channels as well as across our website and blog. Additionally, any approved Projects in Need may be selected to be featured in our monthly newsletter which is emailed to our network of supporters.

Our Beneficiary Organizations are given the opportunity to receive funding for their projects in need through the GoAbroad Foundation’s Give Together Partnership Program as well as through our own fundraising activities.

Projects in Need

Approved Beneficiary Organization partners will be able to submit any projects in need of funding to the GoAbroad Foundation team for consideration. If selected, the projects will be posted as a Project in Need on our website, and also featured on the Beneficiary Organization’s Profile Page. Projects in Need may be selected by individual donors, Sponsoring Partners, or the GoAbroad Foundation team to be funded directly or be featured in an online or in-person fundraiser.

Sustainable Support

Our goal is to help you fund your projects regularly. Through working with the GoAbroad Foundation, we will make every effort to ensure that you have a Sponsoring Organization to help meet your goals and make a difference!

Interested in Becoming a Beneficiary Organization?

If you believe your organization is the perfect fit to partner with the GoAbroad Foundation, click on the button below to review our requirements and apply to become a Beneficiary Organization.

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How are Beneficiary Organizations Selected?

Each Beneficiary Organization is vetted by the GoAbroad Foundation to ensure they follow basic practices that foster sustainability and promote a more meaningful life, while ultimately achieving impactful community growth. We seek out Beneficiary Organizations without major connections to international networks or funding sources, so a lack of funding doesn’t have to stop them from making an impact in their communities.

Need More Information?

Click below to review our frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!