Give Together Partnerships

Our Give Together Partnership Program is aimed at building global connections that have the power to impact the world in meaningful ways.

Beneficiary Organizations

Small, locally-led, grassroots organizations that are driven to develop uniquely meaningful projects that impact communities in the ways they need it most.

Sponsoring Partners

Companies or organizations within the field of international education who want to integrate giving into their corporate mission by contributing to meaningful projects abroad.

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What Does a Give Together Partnership Look Like?

Our Give Together Partnership Program inspires for-profit companies to make giving a part of their mission and values in a way that makes sense to their employees, their customers, and their bottom line. Whether it’s a business school in Europe supporting livelihood programs in Rwanda through an annual fundraiser, an American TEFL certification company donating a percentage of revenue annually to educational scholarships, or an internship provider in Asia donating a portion of every program fee to combat human trafficking, the GoAbroad Foundation can customize each Give Together Partnership to meet the needs of both the Sponsoring Partner and the Beneficiary Organization, creating the perfect giving match.

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Beneficiary Organizations

We aim to work with Beneficiary Organizations that have a significant vision, but lack access to the funding they need to take their programs to the next level, reaching more communities and impacting more lives. By promoting their mission and boosting their financial support, the GoAbroad Foundation is able to help them meet their program goals, and beyond.

Sponsoring Partners

We help each Sponsoring Partner make giving a natural part of their business by taking the logistical, behind the scenes coordination off of their plates. The GoAbroad Foundation customizes each partnership to allow Sponsoring Partners to be matched with the ideal Beneficiary Organization and projects that fit with their mission.

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