Sponsor A Child

The Issue

Volunteer for the Visayans Child Sponsorship program provides social and educational support services to children from low income families throughout the island of Leyte in the Philippines. Sponsored children come from both rural and urban areas, where stable incomes and social welfare services are insufficient for parents to maintain the daily needs of their children.

When it comes to education, the children are often forced to neglect their studies either because their parents are unable to pay their school fees or they must begin working to earn an income to support their family’s needs.

The Solution

Since the number of impoverished families among the Philippines’ more than 100 million people can be overwhelming, Volunteer for the Visayans identifies children that are in the highest need based on an extensive assessment process that includes interviews of the children and their parents. All sponsored children are from Tacloban City, Laeyte, and the surrounding towns and communities. Without sponsorship, many of these children would be unable to attend school and be provided with sufficient nutrients on a daily basis.

For just $300 USD a year (or $25 USD a month) sponsors can help provide the basic necessities to children from disadvantaged families and supply them with access to education, food, social support, and medical care, while restoring their hope for success in the future.


Services For Sponsored Children:

  • School Supplies
  • School Fees
  • School Uniform
  • Daily Feedings
  • Monthly Grocery Subsidy
  • Social Welfare Support
  • After-school tutorials, weekend activities, and special feedings with local and international volunteers

Sponsoring a child has been very rewarding for us. We are able to see our sponsor child grow and succeed in her studies, partially due to our small sacrifice. It’s amazing to send a fraction of our earnings in the U.S. to another country, where it is multiplied many times, to benefit a young, Filipino woman. We are proud to be able to enable her to thrive and send our love from continents away.

– Suzanne Byville, Sponsor for 7 years

Want to Become a Sponsor?

Contact Us today. We currently have multiple children in need of immediate sponsorship.

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