LMF students
Living Music Foundation

Music Lessons for Disadvantaged Youth

Our partner, Living Music Foundation, is made up of young adults who have had their lives transformed by music, and they’re eager to share their passion with disadvantaged youth in their communities and inspire others to dream of a better future. Uganda faces a number of societal challenges, including poverty, AIDs, and a lack of access to quality education. By empowering youth and inspiring them to pursue their passions, we can help create a brighter future for Uganda.

Learn why we believe music is the key to helping disadvantaged youth in Uganda, or click on the button below to get involved now!

Empower Youth Through Music Education

The benefits of musical education are widely championed, including increasing self esteem and providing a sense of purpose, spreading happiness, and creating economic benefits for the musician. This pushes recipients to excel in other areas of their lives. Music education also improves brain development such as memory skills and fine motor skills through the physical act of playing instruments as well as discipline.

Among vulnerable youths, music lessons open up opportunities to socialize in a new circle of like-minded youths, such as local orchestras or church choirs. This can keep low-income youths out of social circles surrounding the street, crime and substance abuse. 

The Living Music Foundation provides free music lessons to such vulnerable young people who lack resources and access to instruments, with the aim to spread the joy of music and foster musical talents. Often the youth we target could not continue with formal education or live in orphanages, giving them an unparalleled opportunity to grow and develop.

Get Involved to Transform Lives Through Music

You can sponsor a child’s music lessons for one month for just $50, providing them with an incredible opportunity for personal growth and empowerment, and giving them a huge boost to their self esteem.