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After School Program




South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association’s goal is to provide community-based holistic services in a sustainable way to orphans and vulnerable children in the Soshanguve area of Pretoria, South Africa. The After School Program will support and guide learners academically, provide them with a meal during each session, and help determine if appropriate interventions are needed for them to overcome academic challenges. Some children face social, economic, community, family, or religious challenges, and the SAVWA team is dedicated to offering them holistic support in all areas if needed.

Hosted Monday to Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., the After School Program can help to ensure students learning doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom.

Why After School Programs Are Needed in South Africa

With the growing unempoyment prevalence rate in urban and rural South African communities, a number of child headed households have emerged in Gauteng areas. Parents have often died living their children without money for school, which has also raised the school dropout rate. This is a challenge to the local government, which has to mobilise their resources in all areas and sectors of society to address the plight of child headed households, youths, and women in order to develop communities. Unfortunately, policies at city, regional, and national levels have excluded youth and children as well as those living in the streets and in the stigmatised or poverty stricken communities, leaving them with limited government support.

Coupled with these issues are high levels of poverty which have resulted in crime, which has deeply threatened the social, physical, and economic images of urban communities in Pretoria, South Africa. All this has forced South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association to build a partnership with communities in the Soshanguve area to come up with a number of projects to support youth and children, including the After School Program.

After School Program Goals

SAVWA’s goal is to offer After School Programs to 50 primary school students in 2020, at a cost of just $26 USD per child for the entire year of participation. Beyond 2020, SAVWA hopes to continue the program for each student until they reach secondary school, ensuring they have the academic support to complete primary school and feel confident moving on to secondary school.

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