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Despite increased access to education during the Millennium Development Goals, schools in sub-Saharan Africa still struggle to learn. Especially literacy.

One of the greatest challenges is access to books. While many organizations are donating books, these are often not culturally or linguistically relevant to learners. Pangea Educational Development has developed Pangea Publishing to leverage the rich storytelling tradition of Uganda to record, dictate, translate, and illustrate stories so that children can see themselves and their culture in texts as they learn to read.

Pangea lends these texts to communities through their mobile libraries, who deliver books to children on a weekly basis at low-to-no-cost to eliminate the access barrier.

Pangea would like to produce a story from the Acholi culture of Northern Uganda. Acholi culture is rich in music, dance, and storytelling. Northern Uganda is 12 years removed from a civil war that severed the region for 26 years. Schools and communities are still rebuilding infrastructure, which includes learning materials, as they move on into the future.

Help Preserve a Culture Through Storytelling

Pangea Publishing produces culturally and linguistically relevant children’s literature in communities where their culture and language have been traditionally under-represented. For many groups, culture is shared orally. Pangea produces supplementary storybooks which utilize oral folklore in order to engage children and include parents in maintaining an important practice of storytelling and culture sharing, while simultaneously supporting educational development.

Pangea Mobile Libraries are currently serving 1,332 children in Central Region, Northern Region, and West Nile Region (Imvepi Refugee Camp) in Uganda. They have maintained a 98% participant retention rate.

The Mobile Library Project Goal

Upon receiving funding, Pangea will be able to record and produce the children’s text within 6 weeks. This will be followed by printing and integrating books into their mobile libraries within 2 weeks thereafter. These books will then live in the mobile libraries in perpetuity.

For $1775, Pangea can produce 500 copies of the Acholi Language Story and integrate it into their Mobile Libraries.

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