Pangea Educational Development (PED)

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Pangea Educational Development (PED) is a U.S. registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering schools and unifying communities through sustainable education. Founded in 2011, PED partners with schools in Uganda through three phases to jointly identify problems, map and implement sustainable projects, and equip them with the tools to manage their programs in the future.

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PED’s Mission

By focusing on three clear phases of building both financial self-reliance and increased depth of education, Pangea develops schools in Uganda through the work of international volunteers and local staff on the ground.

Their Phases Include:

1. Foundational- Focused on Building an Infrastructure or the Physical Building and Ground

2. Sustainability- Focused on Financial Independence or Income Generating (ex. Water Tank, Chicken Coop, etc)financial (income generating-chicken coop/piggery/internet cafe).

3. Professional Development- Focused on Hands On Training and Education of Teachers and Introduction of Innovative Teaching Methods or Technology

Click here to read a Timeline of PED’s History.

Projects We Support

The GoAbroad Foundation partnered with PED in 2014 to raise funds a Water Pump Project at one of Pangea’s partner schools in Uganda, St. James Primary School. The project installed a new Water Pump so the school could continue generating income and educating local children. The pump has also allowed the community at large to have much more consistent access to clean water too!

In early 2017, the GoAbroad Foundation began planning and fundraising to Build a Library for St. James School. By October 2017, we even had the chance to visit St. James School for ourselves!

PED students
PED classroom
students studying