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Kalonga Secondary School Project

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At Kalonga Secondary School in rural Malawi, the students currently have no clean water source. The school has an enrollment of 227 students and only 8 teachers. Students walk a long distance to access drinking water while at school in a nearby shallow well. This well is open and dangerous to access, and fetching the water takes precious time away from class, thereby negatively impacting their education.

To help improve students’ educational experience and the cleanliness at Kalonga Secondary School, our partner Freshwater Project International plans to drill a fresh water borehole at the school, which will provide two blocks of latrines (with locking doors) and two blocks of urinals.

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Bring Clean Water to Rural Malawi

The current water source is unprotected, so it is therefore contaminated and students often become sick from drinking it. The condition of sanitary facilities at the school is very unsatisfactory, and there are currently no hand washing stations. Many students are still using the restroom in the bush. This further contributes to the rampant spread of water-related diseases among students. As a secondary school, female students who have reached puberty often drop out of school due to embarrassment of having no private place to use the restroom or maintain menstrual hygiene.

One of the girls’ latrines will have a menstrual hygiene management station. All of the sanitation facilities will have hand washing stations adjacent, and more hand washing stations will be located close to the classrooms. Students will also receive hygiene and hand washing training, and all female students will receive menstrual hygiene management training. Additionally, students receive a supply of Procter & Gamble Purifier of Water packets for students to use to purify water in their homes.

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We’re dedicating to raising $6,000 USD to bring clean water to Kalonga Secondary School and the surrounding community, and we’re already more than $500 dollars of the way there. We invite you to join us by donating below and sharing this fundraiser with your network. Together – we can bring clean water to a Malawian community!