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Created with the mission of bringing fresh water to every person in Malawi, Freshwater Project International was established in 2012 by two American women and a Malawian man with a shared passion. Since many Malawians rely on hand dug wells or bodies of water that are filled with contaminated water, Freshwater Project International aims to bring freshwater to communities AND improve the health of locals, help more children go to school, and increase the standard of living. Their projects are focused on providing fresh, clean water alongside safe sanitation and hygiene training to the people of Malawi.

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Freshwater Project International’s Mission

Freshwater Project International is dedicated to bringing clean water access to the people of Malawi through high impact, sustainable projects. Through their tried and true nine step process, they’ve brought clean water to health centers, schools, and villages across Malawi.

Projects We Support

Beginning in early 2019, the GoAbroad Foundation began our partnership with Freshwater Project International to support their mission to provide clean water and hygiene education to communities in Malawi.

Our very first project was aimed at bringing clean water to a Mselera Primary School, a school of over 850 students with NO access to clean water currently. The project not only provided the school with fresh water, it also provided essential sanitation and hygiene education to the students and teachers. The fundraiser was made possible by the incredible students at Sturgis Public Schools in Michigan, alongside our $2000 in matching funds.

Next we supported Kalonga Secondary School, which has an equally desperate need for clean water and a fundraising goal of $6,000. Click here to read all about the project, or donate to Freshwater Project International now.

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Meet Freshwater Project International

Read our Q&A with one of the co-founders of Freshwater Project International to learn more about the inspiration behind the organization, and how they’re working toward achieving their mission!