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Sambo the Elephant Retirement Sponsorship




Sambo is a very special elephant in Cambodia. At a young age, she was captured from the wild and entered into captivity. When she was still a young elephant, she was confiscated by the Khmer Rouge and used by the regime during the brutal genocide that swept Cambodia. Following this, Sambo ended up in Phnom Penh, where she worked as a tourism elephant, offering rides around Wat Phnom every day – for over 30 years.

After this lifetime of hard work and hardship, Sambo has finally retired to the forests of Mondulkiri at Elephant Valley Project in 2014. EVP works hard to ensure captive elephants in Cambodia, like Sambo, have the chance to roam free in the jungle and live a life free from work and pain. With the support of EVP staff and her new ele pal Ruby, she is learning how to be an elephant again!

All elephants deserve lives free from pain and suffering, and Sambo is exactly the kind of elephant a sanctuary is meant for. Please consider helping this amazing elephant to receive excellent medical care and live the rest of her life in the forest, where an elephant should be!

Help Sambo Live a Life Free From Pain & Suffering

At almost 60 years old, Sambo requires constant medical care, particularly for her feet, which were worn down and damaged after years of walking on the city’s paved roads. Her dedicated mahout, Sophal, has been trained by elephant health experts to take good care of her feet, and ELIE frequently consults with veterinarians and experts on her care. They also provide her with food supplements, and provide her Khmer family with a yearly compensation to allow her to remain at EVP in the jungle.

ELIE has supported and cared for over 20 elephants at the EVP, and now more than 10 elephants in Thailand. The EVP is home to 9 full time retired captive elephants, as well as others who come in for treatment and rest.

The Sambo Sponsorship Goal

Sambo’s daily care is continuous. To provide her care for an entire year, ELIE requires nearly $33,000! These expenses cover items such as medical & food supplements, sugarcane, fruit, daily food supplements, iodine and foot care products, and medicine, as well as wages for her caretakers. These costs all come out to about $2,300 per month, which is our initial fundraising goal.

Get Involved Now!

You can help Sambo retire comfortably in Cambodia by donating below.