African Education Program (AEP)

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African Education Program (AEP) was founded by Hillary Bridges, Sarah Hayes, Christian Mark, and Julie-Anne Savarit-Cosenza, during their sophomore year of high school at Radnor High School, with the aim of supporting students suffering because of poverty and the AIDS epidemic in Zambia. They began their support by gathering school supplies, computers, and clothes to ship to Zambia, connected to a community by their native Zambian soccer coach. Within two years, AEP was registered as an official 501(c)3 charitable organization in the United States, and later on they were registered as a non-governmental organization recognized by the Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Today, African Education Program dedicates its efforts to the Amos Youth Centre, which provides support to over 400 vulnerable and impoverished youth in Kafue, Zambia.

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AEP’s Mission

AEP’s mission is to empower as many Zambian youth they can through education and leadership, so they can break the cycle of poverty in their communities and change the trajectory of their individual lives and those of their families. They work to inspire each student in their programs to become change makers in their communities.

Our Partnership History

The GoAbroad Foundation began working with African Education Program in 2018 by recognizing them as a nonprofit of the month, after being thoroughly inspired by their drive to change the future of Zambian communities through their youth programs. The GoAbroad Foundation’s Catherine Thomasma Scholarship Fund designated $1,500 to support one of AEP’s promising college students so she could continue her college studies another year.

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African Education Program Projects We Support

Youth Scholarship Fund

Inspired by the incredible stories of AEP’s college students, we’ve extended our support beyond one student and continue to raise funds for their ongoing youth scholarship fund, which supports dozens of college students in pursuing higher education.