The GoAbroad Foundation currently partners with multiple non-profit organizations worldwide. Each partner receives fundraising, marketing, and financial support from the Foundation, in order to help each organization expand the scope and success of their projects.

Our Current Partners

In the Philippines, the GoAbroad Foundation works very closely with Volunteer for the Visayans, a locally run NGO, and registered non-profit that provides three distinct programs: Community Programs, Child Sponsorship, and Volunteer Opportunities.

Based in Uganda, Pangea Education Development is a U.S. registered international non-profit organization focused on creating sustainable foundations for schools in Uganda. Through Pangea’s three-step model, the organization provides international volunteers with multi-faceted opportunities in the process of educational development.

We have also partnered with a variety of nonprofit organizations all over the world who share our mission, including Maya Universe Academy in Nepal, The Baale Mane in India, Artesana Foundation in Nicaragua, and New Horizons in Ecuador.


If you’d like to partner with the GoAbroad Foundation, feel free to Contact Us.

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