Hot Lunch Feeding Program

Our 2018 Valentine’s Day Campaign

What are the necessities of life? Food and love, right?  Well, that is exactly what The Real Uganda will be serving up this Valentine’s day, and for many, many days after. Since February 2008, hot lunches have been given to between 120-140 students (and a dozen or so teachers!) at Nalusse Success Primary School in Mukono Town, Uganda thanks to The Real Uganda. Nalusse Success is located in a semi-urban area of Uganda, just one stop along our East Africa road trip last October.

Many students that attend Nalusse Success Primary School come from homes that simply do not have enough money to provide 3 meals a day for their growing children. Therefore, some students come to school without breakfast and others have just a small dry bun with juice for lunch. However, through our partnership with The Real Uganda, we are eager to raise funds so they can provide each child with a good and nutritious meal at lunchtime every day.

Eating a hot lunch is important to these kids not only for their health, but to keep them energetic and able to learn each day. With your help, we can keep the Hot Lunch Feeding going and add to the success of all the students at Nalusse Success Primary School.  


Ready to get “hot and heavy” this Valentine’s Day & help us fund more hot lunches for schoolchildren in Uganda?

Note: All funds raised through our 2018 Valentine’s Day campaign will be donated to The Real Uganda, a registered nonprofit, volunteer organization based in Uganda. 

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