Current Projects

The GoAbroad Foundation prides itself in providing assistance to responsible and sustainable initiatives which are operated by legitimate and professional in-country organizations. Because of the unique nature of our relationship with our in-country partners, we are able to scout and select those projects which we believe would greatly benefit from financial contributions but that will not become completely dependent on the support rendered by the GoAbroad Foundation or our affiliated donors.

The GoAbroad Foundation’s Core Projects Include:
  • Education
  • Community Building
  • Child Welfare
  • Public Health & Nutrition
  • Environment

We’re excited to be involved with the following specific projects currently:
    1. Scholarship Support – financial aid for Filipino students from low-income families who desire to further their education and earn a degree.
    2. Sponsor A Child – the Child Sponsorship program matches international sponsors with children in need in the Philippines, providing the children with access to education, nutrition, social welfare support, and healthcare.
    3. Rice Subsidy Program – a monthly program that provides rice subsidies to low-income families in a rural Philippine village.
    4. Supplementary Feeding Program – provides weekend feedings to 75 – 100 children in a rural village in the Philippines to supplement their nutritional needs and support community growth.

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