What is the Impact of Child Sponsorship?

You are sipping that morning cup of joe while scrolling through your newsfeed in a cozy cafe. The media is reminding you of the flaws of the world and you feel helpless. Is there anything that you can do to make a positive impact without the commitment of going overseas? News flash, there is! A Cause That Always Needs More…

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The Beginning of Our Annual Scholarship Program

James Ronald Castil, Volunteer for the Visayans College Scholar

Over the years, we’ve seen countless students attend school, and even university, because of the generosity and support of individuals they’ve never met. This alone is inspirational, but paired with the individual stories of each student, the opportunity to provide a scholarship for a student to attend school becomes astronomically more meaningful. And if we consider the long term impact…

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6 Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Siblings smiling for the camera

Want to change the world? Honor Universal Children’s Day this year, and start with just one life. The GoAbroad Foundation, together with Volunteer for the Visayans, connects international donors with Filipino children in desperate need of help. Stepping up as a sponsor could be your chance to make a heartfelt and genuine difference in the world. Choosing to sponsor a child’s food,…

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Why You Should #Give10forEd This Year

Young Filipina girl standing in front of bookshelves

Did you know $10 can fund transportation for one week for a college scholar in the Philippines? If you don’t know how this is possible, it is time to read on and find out! We’ve been challenging people to #Give10forEd, and we want to be as detailed as possible about what this challenge really means to college students in the…

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Celebrating the Second Anniversary of the Cangumbang Center

Cangumbang Community Center, Palo, Philippines

August 23rd, 2015 marked the two year anniversary of the original blessing of the Cangumbang Community and Evacuation Center, made possible by our partner Volunteer for the Visayans and the fundraising efforts of our Director, Elsa Tomasma. Over the past two years, the center has seen both immense growth and unbelieveable devastation. However, the Cangumbang Center continues to literally stand…

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Recognizing our Sponsored Children

As our VFV Sponsored Children begin enjoying their summer days, we reflect on their recognition ceremonies and all their hard work this year! To help support our contributions to education in the Philippines, please consider becoming a sponsor: To learn more about Elementary and High School Sponsorship, click here. To find out how to support a College Scholar, click here.

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World Health Day 2015

April 7th, 2015 is World Health Day! Today, we salute our partner Volunteer for the Visayans for all their efforts to promote health initiatives in the Philippines! From Nutrition Projects to Annual Medical Check ups to Water Filtration System Distributions and Health Education tutorials, VFV does everything they can to educate local communities, both young and old. But most of…

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Our Annual Plea for Educational Support

As the month of March begins, students all over the Philippines are preparing for the close of the school year. For some that means a much awaited break from coursework and endless days of carefree playing with their friends and classmates, for others it means helping with the rice harvest or completing madatory on the job training. No matter what…

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Architecture for Humanity: Reconizing Architects Dedicated to Philanthropy

After Typhoon Haiyan ravaged through the Philippines, the GoAbroad Foundation was faced with a partner in desperate need of international aid. The tasks laid out in front of us seemed insurmountable, with multiple community centers, hundreds of homes, and thousands of lives to rebuild. Then came Architecture for Humanity (AFH). Connected to us through an old student of our Founder, Elisa…

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