A Year of Pledges

When one year comes to an end, everyone takes time to reflect on their lives, everything they’ve accomplished and everything they hope to do in the new year. The GoAbroad Foundation is no different; we are filled with contemplation, and always looking forward to new projects, new partners, and new opportunities to support people in the way they need it…

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How to Help Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Children in Haiti putting their hands together

Although media coverage of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti, the Caribbean, and the Southern United States has already begun to slowly fade away, survivors are desperately calling out for our help and support. Their homes have been destroyed, local infrastructure has been damaged, and many lives were lost, most prominently in Haiti, where the death toll is believed to exceed…

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Take Action to Build More Disaster Resilient Communities

We’ve all been affected by the images that flood our social media feeds. The piles of debris and broken cement, the children covered in dust and crying out, the crowds of people on the street who appear lost, confused, in utter shock. In this month alone more communities across the globe, from South Korea to Haiti, have been torn apart…

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4 Ways to Celebrate #WorldSmileDay with Us!

Little girls smiling for the camera

On the first Friday of October since 1999, people everywhere celebrate World Smile Day. Founded by Harvey Ball, the same artist that created the smiley face in 1963, World Smile Day is a day to encourage acts of kindness, and of course smile. The way Harvey put it, the smiley face knows no politics, no religion, and no geography, and…

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A New Home for Esperanza

Family survivors of the earthquake in Ecuador 2016

In April 2016, 28-year-old Esperanza’s life completely changed. Just like any other day, she woke up in her home with her husband and 3 children in the coastal area of Pedernales. It was an average morning in April, and yet, in a matter of seconds, her life was quite literally torn apart. When the earthquake struck, Esperanza’s family was inside…

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Building New Horizons for a Family in Ecuador

Yet again Ecuador has been the victim of Mother Nature’s wrath, as two strong earthquakes struck near the nation’s coastline over the weekend. Though damage is suspected to be minimal and there are no reports of injuries yet, we can only begin to imagine the terror these quakes have sent echoing throughout the nation. Still reeling from the twin earthquakes…

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