The Clean Water Project – Breaking Ground

Boy drinking water from a tap in Uganda

We are happy to announce that the funds for the Clean Water Project in Uganda have been transferred to Pangea Educational Development! Together, we are overjoyed at the potential for the project, and the community is just as excited! Groundbreaking work will begin in February 2015, and continue into March. When we contacted Drew Edwards, who is on the ground in…

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Interview with Andrew Bauer of Pangea Educational Development

Andrew Bauer. Fourth Grade Teacher in a small town in the state of Illinois. CEO and Co-Founder of Pangea Educational Development. By day he stands in front of handfuls of 10 year olds, but at night and on the weekends, he devotes his time to the children of Uganda. Andrew has illustrated that sustainable change is not only greatly needed in Uganda…

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New Partner in Uganda: Pangea Educational Development

Since the GoAbroad Foundation was established, we have worked with organizations in Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, and most often with Volunteer for the Visayans in the Philippines. Recently we decided to branch out and expand our reach to an entirely new continent with a host of needs to be supported, Africa. The GoAbroad Foundation is happy to announce that we are now…

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