Romar’s Plea for a Better Life

boy with facial tumor in the Philippines

This is the story of Romar. He lives on the small island of Biliran in the Visayans area of the Philippines. He enjoys playing basketball and going fishing. He does not ask for material things such as the newest Xbox or Playstation. He just wants to lead a normal life where he does not feel the need to hide from…

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GoAbroad Foundation Launches Campaign for Ibolya Ryan

In December, we learned of the tragedy involving Ibolya Ryan, an international teacher in Abu Dhabi. While at a local mall with her two children, Ibolya was killed in the bathroom by a hidden attacker. As an international teacher, Ibolya was a day-to-day example of cultural understanding and goodwill. She encouraged future teachers to “be positive, open minded, flexible, and…

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