4 Ways to Ethically Make an Impact Abroad

Three little girls playing

For those that want to get involved with a nonprofit organization abroad, there are seemingly endless possibilities. Googling options can be completely overwhelming, to say the least. It starts to feel like “just pick one” is the best way to …

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The Beginning of Our Annual Scholarship Program

James Ronald Castil, Volunteer for the Visayans College Scholar

Over the years, we’ve seen countless students attend school, and even university, because of the generosity and support of individuals they’ve never met. This alone is inspirational, but paired with the individual stories of each student, the opportunity to provide …

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A Year of Pledges

Take THe (1)

When one year comes to an end, everyone takes time to reflect on their lives, everything they’ve accomplished and everything they hope to do in the new year. The GoAbroad Foundation is no different; we are filled with contemplation, and …

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The Act of Giving: What’s in it for you?


Why do you give? Have you ever thought about it? There is an old saying from Arnold Rothstein “Look out for number one. If you don’t, no one else will.” Number one, of course, refers to you. But, if it really …

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6 Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Siblings smiling for the camera

Want to change the world? Honor Universal Children’s Day this year, and start with just one life. The GoAbroad Foundation, together with Volunteer for the Visayans, connects international donors with Filipino children in desperate need of help. Stepping up as a sponsor …

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Why There’s Always a Reason to Be Kind

World Kindess Day-1

Happy World Kindness Day, y’all! There are so many cheesy quotes about kindness, one could spend the entire afternoon searching through Google results in order to find the perfect phrase with which to start a blog post. But surely, no …

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How to Make a Difference When You Can’t Volunteer


On October 22, millions of Americans will join volunteer projects across the country for Make a Difference Day. Will you be one of them? Volunteering and becoming active in your community is a great way to give back and provide assistance …

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How to Help Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Children in Haiti putting their hands together

Although media coverage of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti, the Caribbean, and the Southern United States has already begun to slowly fade away, survivors are desperately calling out for our help and support. Their homes have been destroyed, local infrastructure …

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Why Female Education in the Developing World Concerns You Too


When you throw a tiny pebble into a huge lake, what happens? From that one moment of impact, ripples start to spread. What at first seemed barely noticeable grows in size; its effects are magnified and felt far beyond the …

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Take Action to Build More Disaster Resilient Communities


We’ve all been affected by the images that flood our social media feeds. The piles of debris and broken cement, the children covered in dust and crying out, the crowds of people on the street who appear lost, confused, in …

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