Day 20: Rising from the Storm

Tacloban City Hall featured thank you banners.

Just 6 months before Typhoon Haiyan leveled Tacloban City leaving the city’s more than 200,000 residents homeless and traumatized, Mayor Alfred Romualdez was reelected. There was much debate in the weeks leading up to the election, of whether or not …

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Day 19: So Much Life to Live


At just 19 years old, she had so much life to live when Typhoon Yolanda came bursting into her life. Her 20th birthday was just 2 months away and she was a year away from graduating college. Though the thought …

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Day 18: The Housing Crisis

housing crisis

The housing crisis in Tacloban City is incredibly complex. City officials are faced with difficult decisions, as they try to balance re-establishing livelihoods and providing safe locations and homes for survivors to reside in, and all the while they struggle …

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