World Refugee Day 2016: The Realities

Woman giving daughter drink of water

You know that feeling you get when you’re walking home alone, hyper-aware of your surroundings, especially other persons? You know that feeling when the cars in front of your brake suddenly and you must slam on yours as your stomach …

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Earthquakes Felt Round the World


Ecuador, Myanmar, Japan, Tonga, Vanuatu, Guatemala, and the Philippines: What does this seemingly random group of countries have in common? All of these countries experienced earthquakes in the past week. Yes, that’s right. In the span of just one week, earthquakes …

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10 Reasons Why Education Matters


The one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard. – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon …

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